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We want you to have a stick in your hands year round.

Whether it’s summer, fall or winter, lacrosse is a sport that rewards effort and enthusiasm. We expect that lacrosse will become a priority for our student athletes, and that playing for a travel team, or in a summer league is a good fit. The reasons are varied; you may want to play in college and travel ball opens you up to recruiters and recruiting showcases that can help a player gain exposure to college coaches. Or, you may want to play with your friends and work on developing your skills before or after the high school season comes to a close and build chemistry coming into your spring season!  Whatever your reasons may be, playing out of season lacrosse is a wonderful way to have fun and improve a players skills and understanding of the sport. It’s a must for players to work on their game so the team and program improves. A player may take the entire season to improve their skills. Put in the work and come in a better player so the entire team improves. We encourage multi sport athletes, so play a fall or winter sport but keep lacrosse in mind and put some time in as your schedule permits. Playing other sports teaches athletic attributes that cross over to lacrosse, and helps deter burn out. It’s also good because college coaches like multi sport athletes.

Some players need breaks, play other sports, and some players want to commit to playing lacrosse as their first sport. Regardless, find the right fit for you and your family. Practice times and locations vary widely, as do cost and commitment level. Find what works for both. We suggest trying out for multiple teams at first, especially for the more competitive teams if playing at the next level is a priority. Below you’ll find a list of programs that have both box and field team options during summer, fall and winter. Speak with our coaches, parents and other players before making your decision. It helps. Many of our current and past players have played on club teams, and we want to encourage all players regardless of age and skill level to do so. If you are looking for further advice contact Coach Scott or Coach Mike directly. Both have experience  coaching travel teams. There are also programs all over, so if you’re planning on being out of town during the summer there’s most likely a program somewhere close by to where you’ll be.

SUMMER 2016 – For all recent 2016 grads, returning players and incoming freshmen.

TAM Options:

  • Weight training program at Tam through TJ’s Gym with the football team. 7-8am, $90 bucks a player for 18 sessions beginning June 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30.
    July 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28.
    Aug. 2,3,4.
    Guys need to register through TJ’s gym. email before the 14th of June.
  • Open fields at Tam – June 18th through Aug. 13th, twice a week – Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30 and Saturdays 11am – 1pm.
  • Marin City Recreation Department – Community Service. Wednesday afternoons in Sausalito. June 29th through Aug. 10th, 1-3pm. Volunteer lax teaching and mentoring opportunities. Dates:
    Wednesday June 29th
    Wednesday July 6th
    Wednesday July 20th
    Wednesday July 27th
    Wednesday Aug. 3rd
    Final day – Wednesday Aug. 10th
  • Individual Training sessions. Contact coach Scott/Mike/Matt/Spencer.
  • Tam club team/Tam box team…TBD

Club Programs:

All summer programs have wrapped up. Check for fall and winter tryout options with your program for field and box lacrosse.

101 Lax – SF and Sonoma teams

Booth – multiple age groups


All West

Fall/Winter Box leagues:
Nothing is better for developing your sticks skills and reaction time.

For Tam players we recommend the Booth Tomahawks for more competitive box play in a legit league. Then Marin Indoor (MILL) and Encore for developmental players new to box. Locations, pricing, time and place vary so find what works for you.

Marin Indoor Lacrosse League – MILL…/99000-marin-indoor-l…
Sept. 11th – Nov. 6th
Thigpen in Novato, Sundays 9am-3pm. $195.00 if you sign up before Aug. 1st.

Booth Tomohawks – NorCal BOX Comp League. Pro style indoor. 9 training days – Wednesdays and Saturdays, Sept. 7th, 14th, 21st, 24th, 28th. Oct. 1st, 5th, 12th, 22nd. Thigpen in Novato. Weds. -VAR 5p-630p. Sat VAR 130-3. 14 Games ALL AT SILVER CREEK SPORTSPLEX, SAN JOSE
9/11 – (3games)
9/18 (3games)
10/16 (3 games)
11/5-6 (5games) Bear Flag Revolt
to register –…

Sonoma Indoor Lacrosse League – SILL
Sept. 8th – Nov. 6th, Sports City in Cotati. Thursdays 5-9pm.

Encore North Bay Fall/Winter Box Lacrosse
Tuesday’s Sept. 13th – Oct. 18th at Thigpen in Novato. $195.00
Winter Training – Tuesdays, Dec. 6th – Jan. 31st. Thigpen in Novato. $195.00.
Additional open scrimmages for high school players after each sesh.

All West Indoor League; Alameda, High School Level.…/18th-annual-awl-indoor-league…/
Sept. 18th – Nov. 6th
Noon to 5pm
Ages: U12, U14, U16, JV, U18, Var. Free agent fee – $235.00, team fee of $2995.00


Welcome to Tam High Lacrosse!

If you’ll be late or miss a practice you must text or email a coach.
Coach Scott – Varsity
c. (415) 613-6039

New and returning players need to sign up via the online registration link. You will be held out from participating until your medical form is in and you’ve registered for lacrosse online. Either drop your physical clearance to the AD’s office, or upload it online. Those that need pads need to contact Coach Scott and make arrangements.

All players should be on the wall 15-20 minutes before practice begins. All goalies should arrive 20 minutes prior for warm ups. All face off guys should be at practice 15-20 minutes early as well. If you need tape or have an injury see the trainer at lunch or after school. Aubrey’s office is across from the weight room.

PDF of Tam_Lax_Info of all the current info that is needed before tryouts begin Feb. 8th, and about upcoming events.


Parents – If your son is interested in playing lacrosse in the spring at TAM and you would like to be on our email list, please send both your name and sons name to, including email and phone numbers of  both players and parents, and we will add your names to our teamsnap email distribution list. You’ll receive an invitation to join the teamsnap mailing list. Email is the best way for us to keep parents informed of our schedules, important events, etc. Players and parents, please LIKE and share/invite others to our facebook page for updates as well.

– Your conditioning and stick skills are a reflection of your commitment to your game and team. Wall ball and shooting programs are available on this website. You can check with Coach Scott about weight room availability and or getting a personal program. Players should also organize their own times and dates and get in the weight room together. Use the wall ball and shooting program as much as you have time for, but make it a priority. If you take 20-30 min a day, or every other day, you’ll continue to improve and keep your skills where they need to be so that you have a base of reflexes and skill to build on. Remember, it’s always harder and more time consuming to get back to where you were. Maintain a practice and you won’t have to work as hard to get back into shape, or sharpen stick skills. Lax is a lot funner when your stick skills are sharp and you’re in shape. If players need bags of balls, equipment, ladders, jump ropes, cones etc. contact Coach Scott.

Community Service – Is an ongoing part of Tam lacrosse during the summer and school year. We finish our 2nd year lax program with the Marin City Recreation Department on Wednesday, August 13th, 2016. It’s a great way to give back, teach the game, and gain exposure for our sport. It also offers an opportunity for our players to do community service, and contribute their time and energy in the community. Spring 2017 will involve a service learning day TBD.  .


Spring Tryout Info: Winter athletes cannot tryout till their respective season ends.
Choosing the members of the team is the responsibility of the head coaches.
Before the Feb. 8th tryout coaches will provide team information to all candidates as well as parents or guardians. This will occur at an informational meeting for students and parents. Such information will include:
Length of tryout period – Max of 3 days. JV and varsity rosters will be made before first league game.
Objectives used to select the members of the team include:
Approximate Number of team members who will be selected, criteria involved in selection of team members, distribution of practice and competition schedule, explanation of commitment necessary to be a member of the team, and clear notification that the tryout is based on performance during the selection period. Tryout is not based on summer participation, camps, or outside team affiliation in which the student-athletes participated prior to team selections, JV or varsity.

Tryout Criteria:
Assessments made by coaching staff based on the following, as well as team needs. During the tryout coaches gather as much information on each player as possible. Each player will be assessed in  primary areas:
Overall athletic ability (i.e. speed, quickness, endurance, agility)
Sport specific skills
Role feasibility
Overall tryout ranking / per position ranking

2 items that must be turned in before tryouts:
1. You must have your athletic participation form into the Athletic Director before tryouts start. And you must sign up on the athletic department website.
2. Your signed physicians signature page. The forms are here: or can be picked up in the AD’s office.
League minimum GPA for athletic participation is 2.00, however check with teammates and parents about team GPA standards. Transfer students must meet with the AD before participating in tryouts to determine eligibility. All winter athletes must complete their respective sports before participating in Lacrosse.

Concussion Baseline Testing: Check back in February for testing schedule.


Ski Week and Spring Break Practice Policy:
Ski Week – 2/16 – 2/20. Mandatory practices every day. No exceptions.

Spring Break – 4/13 – 4/17. Monday through Wednesday of Spring break is off . Practice is mandatory Thursday and Friday.

Spring Practice Schedule:
A daily/monthly practice schedule including field location and times can be found HERE. Schedule star is maintained and updated by the Athletic Department on a daily basis according to changes in weather, game schedules and shared field use etc. This is the best place to check on location and time of practices and games as updated by the school.

2017 – TBD

Bell Schedule

M —  2:25
T —  3:25
W — 2:45
TH – 3:25
Fr. – 2:45